Native Youth Olympics

Students in grades 6th through 12th can participate in the Native Youth Olympics. They like to participate in the NYO because they love to travel or they’re really good at being in the NYO. Regionals are in Bethel, AK but, we also travel to other villages to participate in NYO. We do not have very many meets, but the meets we do have can be quite long. Meets are a lot of fun because we get to see so many of our friends from other villages.

Below is a list of NYO events with a description and a picture.

  • 1 Foot High Kick

An athlete jumping with two feet and kicking the ball with one foot and then lands on one foot. The athlete must keep his/her balance.

  • 2 Foot High Kick

2-foot high kick is like 1-foot high kick but with two feet. Jumping with both feet hitting the ball and landing on both feet without falling backwards.

  • Alaskan High Kick

An athlete starts in position on the floor. The athlete’s right foot is on the floor and the left foot is also on the floor balancing for the kick of the ball. The athletes right hand grasps the left foot.

  • Scissors Broad Jump

It’s like scissors but it’s like your crossing your legs and jumping.

  • Kneel Jump

Consists of an athlete kneeling behind a line, sitting on his heels. The athlete will then jump forward and land on both feet.

  • One Arm Reach

On one arm you have to balance on one arm while your legs are off the ground. Your elbow has to be on your stomach. You then reach up for the ball.

  • Wrist Carry

Wrist carry is when two people carry the stick and a participant will be holding the stick but with the wrist.

  • Seal Hop

There are two different kinds of seal hop. There is a knuckle hop or seal hop for boys and knuckle hop or seal hop for girls. The boys will begin in a lowered push up position (bent elbows tucked close to the body, first knuckles down, and hands having fingers curled underneath so that the individual is supported by the heel of his hand and first knuckles.) The girls will be in a push up position with their arms straight, palms down flat.

  • Stick Pull

Stick pull is when two athletes stand hip to hip in opposite directions. They then try to pull the stick out of the others hand.

  • Arm Pull

Arm pull is when two athletes sit on the floor facing each other. They lock arms at the elbow with fists down. When the judge says to start, the athletes start to pull straight back to get the stick.

One Foot High Kick

An athlete doing the one Foot High Kick

Two Foot High Kick

An athlete doing the Two Foot High kick

Alaskan High Kick

An athlete doing the Alaskan High Kick

Scissor Broad Jump

An athlete doing the Scissor Broad Jump

Kneel Jump

An athlete doing the Kneel Jump

One Arm Reach

An athlete doing the One Arm Reach

Wrist Carry

An athlete doing the Wrist Carry while two people holding the stick

Girls Seal Hop
A girl’s Seal Hop

Boy's Seal Hop

A boy’s Seal Hop

Eskimo Stick Pull

Two athletes doing the Stick Pull

Arm Pull

Two athletes doing the Arm Pull


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